Franklin Community Preschool, Franklin, Michigan

Franklin Community Preschool

26425 Wellington Rd, Franklin, MI 48025



For over 65 years, Franklin Community Preschool (FCP) has been serving families living in many surrounding communities. We are a non-profit, fully state licensed traditional preschool, offering programs for children ages 18 months to 5 years. Franklin Community Preschool is affiliated with Franklin Community Church and also is a member of the Greater Detroit Cooperative Preschool Teachers Association. Although we still highly value parent participation, we no longer operate as a “cooperative” preschool.

We offer a safe, nurturing environment, with a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum. Our classes are small, which allows us to provide the extra attention that young children need to flourish. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Their caring, friendly demeanor helps our FCP children become comfortable quickly and enjoy coming to school.

Our mission is to provide an engaging, balanced early childhood program that nurtures and encourages children to reach their greatest potential. Franklin Community Preschool is dedicated to equipping students with the foundation they need for intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.


The curriculums used in our classrooms are aligned with the State of Michigan Early Childhood Standards. Our balanced, play-based approach to early learning focuses on the main areas of development, including cognitive, physical, social and emotional. As much as possible, individual interests are incorporated into the curriculum. Through a variety of age-appropriate activities, it is our goal that a love of learning is fostered.


Incorporated into our curriculum are three educational enrichments: Spanish, Science and Music. Spanish is on Friday mornings for our 3s (MWF only) and 4s classes. Music is once per week, alternating between Mondays and Tuesdays, for our 2s, 3s and 4s classes. Science includes hands-on experiments and is on Wednesdays mornings for our 3s (MWF only) and 4s classes.


Our seasoned staff is a team of qualified professionals with advanced degrees and years of experience working together. All members of our faculty are also members of the Greater Detroit Cooperative Preschool Teachers Association, with whom we collaborate and attend continuing education conferences three times each year. FCP prides itself on the enthusiasm, creativity and love each of our staff members bring to school each day.


The school is located in Franklin Community Church (26425 Wellington Rd, Franklin, MI 48025), which is in the heart of the Historic Village of Franklin, "the town that time forgot." This small town lends itself to a quality introduction to school. The playground, gazebo, ball fields, library, cider mill, fire station, police station and post office are all within walking distance. This sense of community is a founding principle of FCP.

Ones Program

This play-based program for children ages 18 months to 3 years is designed to be a relaxed introduction to the preschool classroom experience. Children can explore their independence while building teacher and peer relationships. A typical but age-appropriate preschool schedule is followed including circle time, music, snack, craft, special activity, gym class and outside playtime.

Days: Friday mornings, 9AM-12PM
Age Requirement: Over 18 months and under 30 months old on 09/01/18
Potty Training: Not required
Teacher-to-student Ratio: 1:4
Maximum Group Size: 8 students


Twos Program

The 2's program at FCP is focused on socialization and classroom readiness skills.  Children learn appropriate ways to interact with other children and adults as well as develop appropriate learning behaviors such as following direction, listening and sitting quietly for brief periods. Creativity is encouraged through many opportunities to paint, draw, play and dance. We focus on colors, shapes, books and nursery rhymes to incorporate science, math, language and literacy.  This fun and interactive curriculum helps with small and large motor skills while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Days: Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday, 9AM-12PM
Age Requirement: 2 years old on or before 09/01/18
Potty Training: Not required
Teacher-to-student Ratio: 1:4
Maximum Group Size: 8 students
Enrichments: Music (1/2 hour, every other week)


Threes Program

The 3's program continues to build upon socialization and pre-kindergarten readiness skills. The 3-year-old students are exposed to letters, numbers and themes through books, games, music, large motor activities and crafts. Daily circle time will focus on lengthening attention span and developing confidence among teachers and peers. Our goal with is to provide an engaging environment where confident and curious children enjoy coming to school.

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday, 9AM-12PM
Age Requirement: 3 years old on or before 09/01/18
Potty Training: Not required
Teacher-to-student Ratio: 1:5
Maximum Group Size: 10 students
Enrichments: Music (1/2 hour, every other week); Spanish (1/2 hour every week, MWF only); Science (1/2 hour every week, MWF only)


Fours Program

The 4's program is a culmination of social and academic readiness skills designed to prepare children for a successful transition into kindergarten.  Our age-appropriate curriculum offers many opportunities for the children to thrive and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Our schedule encompasses both structured and free-choice activities, where the children are able to express themselves creatively.  Monthly themes are explored through math, science, literacy, social studies, fine and gross motor activities.

Days: AM Class: Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Monday through Friday, 9AM-12PM or 9AM-2PM

PM Class: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 12:30-3:30PM (enrichments are not available for PM class)
Age Requirement: 4 years old on or before 09/01/18
Teacher-to-student Ratio: 1:7
Maximum Group Size: 14 students
Enrichments: Music (1/2 hour every week); Spanish (1/2 hour every week); Science (1/2 hour every week)